Wednesday, 22 of October of 2014


My Panels and Booth at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!

I’m setting up a table for Women into Comics at the 2014 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo September 26-28!! It will be at Booth 2105, along the wall in Hall E.
Here is a handy dandy map!!

And if I am not at my table, check out all of my panels at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Women into Comics (Friday Sept 26 at 4pm-5:15pm)

Social Media and Networking for Creative Types (Saturday Sept 27 at 12:30pm-1:15pm)

Women in Video Gaming (Saturday Sept 27 at 3:30pm-5:15pm)

Get Published or Die Trying (Sunday Sept 28 at 2.30pm)

Maybe one of these topics might interest you? If not, I am open to suggestions. Or at the very least swing by my booth and if you’re not camera shy, we can do some fun things. :D I hope to see you there!

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Women in Video Gaming

I will be hosting a panel talking to four game developers at this weekend’s Calgary Expo!

Women in Video Gaming

Women in Video Gaming panel


Women in Video Gaming
The gaming industry is generally regarded as being male dominated, however, more and more women are not only playing, but are also breaking in as content creators. Meet women that have a passion for gaming as we discuss programming and game development, careers in gaming, gender bias, and diversifying the industry.


Room: Palomino E
Time: 2:15PM – 3:00PM


On panel are:


Sarah Beck, Games Researcher and Designer, co-founder, Women in Game Studies.
Karin Weekes, Lead Editor for BioWare Edmonton and Montreal.
Maren Wilson, Games Researcher and Designer, co-founder, Women in Game Studies.
Susan Wright, Lead Programmer, Co-Founder Infinite Monkeys.
Moderator: Stephanie Chan.


Sarah Beck
Games Researcher and Designer, co-founder Women in Games Studies
Twitter: @EssefBeck


Sarah has a BSc Specialization in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. For the past year she has been actively involved in iGiselle a University of Alberta research project developing a video game inspired by Romantic ballet.
Sarah also co-founded and contributes to the blog, Women in Game Studies, which discusses gendered issues in gaming. She is an active volunteer with Ada’s Team a University of Alberta student group focusing on diversity in computing, games and technology and Ladies Learning Code Edmonton. Sarah also works as a freelance illustrator and developer.
Karin Weekes
Lead Editor for BioWare Edmonton/Montreal
Twitter: @KarinWeekes


Karin Weekes is Lead Editor for BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal studios. She has worked at BioWare since 2006, editing Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and DLCs for both franchises. She currently manages the editing team while working primarily on Dragon Age: Inquisition. She holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of New Mexico and an M.A. in Journalism from Stanford University.
When not working, Karin sings, costumes, and enjoys any chance to be outside to run, ski, or flop exhaustedly under a tree. She lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her husband, Patrick, their two sons (who at ages 9 and 6 regularly hand their mother her a** in various platformer and DS games, and are now steadily outpacing her at PvZ:GW), and a host of rescued dogs and cats (current total is 9, but this is apt to change at any moment).


Maren Wilson
Games Researcher and Designer
Twitter: @BoomTurkey

Maren Wilson is a game designer and researcher from the University of Alberta. She has a life long passion for games and has spent the last two years researching and presenting on the effects of representation in gaming. She has experience as a Producer, Audio Designer and Quality Assurance Tester for academic and commercial games alike. She is a founder and regular contributor to


Susan Wright
Lead Programmer, Co-Founder Infinite Monkeys Entertainment
Twitter: @ChaoticBoredom


Graduating from the Software Engineering program at the University of Alberta; Susan wanted to pursue a career in the games industry. The opportunity arose while attending a Global Game Jam event, and building a prototype of Life Goes On. From that prototype, a full game has been built, and released. She has also worked on Super Motherload; a game from Edmonton-based XGen Studios. What little free time she has, she devotes to playing games.

email testing:

A brief moment in time

Barret Coates and other models from The Briefing Room get ready to walk the runway at Western Canada Fashion Week.

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My Toy and Game Console Shelf

How many different things can you recognize?

I’m Hot in Google Glass

I dont care what you bastard say! Google Glass is the next big thing in fashionable eyewear! Im so sexy in these! And when I was wearing them, I felt like a rock star! Everyone was surrounding me! I became the IT girl at the party! Oh, good times!

But seriously, they are very fun! I didn’t find them distracting at all. It’s pretty intuitive once you learn the commands. They turn on and off naturally. I so wish I could be beta testing them and I want to do all sorts of fashion shots of them, too.

Thank you, Kevin, for letting me wear them!
Thank you, Sylvia Moon for the photos.

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Cheongsam: Chinese Vintage Dress Collection

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Tonight in Edmonton Chinatown, there will be a Night Market with cool stuff like a K-Pop, food trucks, bike tours and vendors. On a very personal note, I’m also showcasing some samples of my private collection of Cheongsams, Chinese dresses, from Hong Kong circa 1950s. Most people are familiar with the dresses being made of silk, satin or some form of embroidered brocade. But some of these bright coloured dresses are also made with tweeds, polyester, and funky patters from years gone by.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Please visit me at the Chinatown Night Market today on 105th Avenue and 97th Street (parking lot south of Pacific Rim Mall) from 6-10pm. And for some nostalgic fun, here are some photos of my mother and aunt and their cousin wearing Cheongsams back in the day.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong. Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

SDCC: I’m Twelve!

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep well. In fact, I don’t think I actually got any sleep. Then it was 5am and time to leave for the airport.

As Sylvia Moon and I waited for our flight at Edmonton International Airport, we sat in this bizarre moulded chair area. It was very plastic. And very brown. We didn’t get enough sleep. So brown Sylvia said it looked like poop. We reverted to being twelve year olds again, nicked-named the area “Poopland” and proceeded to make several Vine videos. If you don’t know Vine, it’s a social network created by Twitter which are six second videos that can loop.

Our flight was delayed. I was overtired. I was pretty loopy! I decided to do an interpretive dance in Poopland.

Read more of this post by clicking on the Read More link (warning: videos galore! Might cause slow loading)
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