Sunday, 20 of April of 2014


A brief moment in time

Barret Coates and other models from The Briefing Room get ready to walk the runway at Western Canada Fashion Week.

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My Toy and Game Console Shelf

How many different things can you recognize?

I’m Hot in Google Glass

I dont care what you bastard say! Google Glass is the next big thing in fashionable eyewear! Im so sexy in these! And when I was wearing them, I felt like a rock star! Everyone was surrounding me! I became the IT girl at the party! Oh, good times!

But seriously, they are very fun! I didn’t find them distracting at all. It’s pretty intuitive once you learn the commands. They turn on and off naturally. I so wish I could be beta testing them and I want to do all sorts of fashion shots of them, too.

Thank you, Kevin, for letting me wear them!
Thank you, Sylvia Moon for the photos.

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Cheongsam: Chinese Vintage Dress Collection

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Tonight in Edmonton Chinatown, there will be a Night Market with cool stuff like a K-Pop, food trucks, bike tours and vendors. On a very personal note, I’m also showcasing some samples of my private collection of Cheongsams, Chinese dresses, from Hong Kong circa 1950s. Most people are familiar with the dresses being made of silk, satin or some form of embroidered brocade. But some of these bright coloured dresses are also made with tweeds, polyester, and funky patters from years gone by.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Please visit me at the Chinatown Night Market today on 105th Avenue and 97th Street (parking lot south of Pacific Rim Mall) from 6-10pm. And for some nostalgic fun, here are some photos of my mother and aunt and their cousin wearing Cheongsams back in the day.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong. Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

SDCC: I’m Twelve!

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep well. In fact, I don’t think I actually got any sleep. Then it was 5am and time to leave for the airport.

As Sylvia Moon and I waited for our flight at Edmonton International Airport, we sat in this bizarre moulded chair area. It was very plastic. And very brown. We didn’t get enough sleep. So brown Sylvia said it looked like poop. We reverted to being twelve year olds again, nicked-named the area “Poopland” and proceeded to make several Vine videos. If you don’t know Vine, it’s a social network created by Twitter which are six second videos that can loop.

Our flight was delayed. I was overtired. I was pretty loopy! I decided to do an interpretive dance in Poopland.

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Pre-SDCC: Missing Wallet

San Diego Comic Con is upon us and here I am again heading down south to attend the convention.

Monday, July 15

The night before we travel. I managed to lose my wallet six hours before we were supposed to be on our flight out of San Diego. Mass panic hit me and I search all my things and my car with no luck. So I drove back to Whyte Ave to see if the wallet was found at the Shoppers Drug Mart, the last place I purchased something. No one had turned in a teal and purple wallet. I scour the parking lot to no avail. Frustrated, I returned to my car.

Tuesday, July 16

With less than five hours before our departure, I was in total panic mode now. The only thing I truly needed from the wallet was my debit card. Without it I would have no access to cash, specifically, I was pretty sure I left the store with wallet in hand. I ransacked my poor car, The Rice Rocket.

Just as I was worried I might need to think a contingency plan (A.K.A. ask mom for money) I saw a little streak of teal leather in the corner of my eye. WALLET FOUND! It had fallen into the passenger door storage shelf thing! AAAAAHHHHH!!! So easy to find when I wasn’t trying. Thank goodness!

Now to get some sleep… but do I actually sleep? (to be continued…)

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I do not have to be up for the next 8.5 hours. Let’s see if I can get more than 4 hours tonight!

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