Thursday, 23 of October of 2014


Toronto (a few pics from my first day)

My brothers Stan, Sam, friend Marty and I are spending this week in Toronto. Reason: To see Kylie Minogue in concert.

Before I left, Dean and I met up with George and enjoyed a fine dinner at That’s Aroma, Edmonton’s garlic restaurant. The garlic soup is one of my favourite soups of all time. I also ordered a pasta with triple garlic. I was obviously getting ready for my plane ride.

When I got to the airport, I was pretty pissed off that the wifi was expensive and that there was no charging/data stations around. We found plug-ins on pillars but there was no juice going to them.

We flew WestJet to get to Toronto. I absolutely hated it. The plane was really cramped; right full. The entertainment was late night television (ie: mostly infomercials), and generally bad television programming. It didn’t help that the guy next to me was really annoying. At first, he was trying to read a newspaper, then he kept fidgeting around. He wouldn’t put his legs down on the floor. I later realized that he had his stupid dufflebag on the floor so there was no way he was going to be comfortable. Boo.

The shuttlebus we caught to go the the hotel had free wifi AND working power outlets. Edmonton International Airport had neither of these. Yeah, that’s right, the friggin BUS was more advanced than our crappy airport with overpriced internet.

We came across a couple of planters filled with cabbages. Look Marc! 1.8!

Royal Ontario Museum. What a great building.

Photo of me and the boys.

Sam and I. Little self-portrait.

Entrance to the museum gift store. The gift store is really huge. Very nice!

At a distance, we thought these looked like pieces of the Mundare sausage. But they’re just boxing gloves.

We had a great GREAT dinner at the Salad King It was really cheap and absolutely delicious. It’s a Thai food place. They have a total of two, that’s right, TWO salad items on their menu of over 100 things. Best restaurant naming ever.

Sony should work on their corporate branding.

Speaking of rebranding, looks like the Church of Scientology is trying another strategy.

We ended the day with desserts from the basement of the Bay. It was almost a throwback to Japan for me. The department stores over there had food kiosks in the basement, serving fancy desserts, hot foods and fresh deli items.

More to come!

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