Saturday, 1 of November of 2014


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I tried to get my learners’ licence.

At around 4pm, I went down to the local Registries office (known as a DMV to some of you) to write my test for my driver learners’ licence. There were two clerks working the counter at the time, one older, and one young. They were helping one client each and there was no one else there.

So I sat there and waited.

And waited.

I have no idea why, but the first of those two customers took about 45 minutes to finish his business. Finally! It’s my turn! I head up to the counter and the young clerk was ready to help me. I told her I would like to write the exam for my learners licence. She started to enter me into the computer when the older clerk stopped helping her customer and started to yell “NO! You can’t write that! We close at five!” I explained that I was there for 45 minutes. The young clerk continued to enter my info, take my fees and lead me to the computers to do the test, ignoring the older woman.

Of the first three questions, I got two wrong! Ugh! I’m totally going to fail! I do not know how many demerit points it takes to suspend a Class 7 licence! By the 10th question, I had 4 wrong. I think I’m allowed to have no more than 5 wrong. Feeling defeated, I finished the rest of the test without error. Hoorah!

I go back to the counter and the old clerk barked that I had to get out and that they were closed. I had to come back the next day. What? Seriously? I sat in that stupid office for an hour! So I came back the next day to finish all the paperwork and take photos for my new licence.
It took about five minutes! Holy crap, must be nice to be the only registry in town!

And thus begins my adventures in driving.

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