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A brief moment in time

Barret Coates and other models from The Briefing Room get ready to walk the runway at Western Canada Fashion Week.

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Cheongsam: Chinese Vintage Dress Collection

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Tonight in Edmonton Chinatown, there will be a Night Market with cool stuff like a K-Pop, food trucks, bike tours and vendors. On a very personal note, I’m also showcasing some samples of my private collection of Cheongsams, Chinese dresses, from Hong Kong circa 1950s. Most people are familiar with the dresses being made of silk, satin or some form of embroidered brocade. But some of these bright coloured dresses are also made with tweeds, polyester, and funky patters from years gone by.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Please visit me at the Chinatown Night Market today on 105th Avenue and 97th Street (parking lot south of Pacific Rim Mall) from 6-10pm. And for some nostalgic fun, here are some photos of my mother and aunt and their cousin wearing Cheongsams back in the day.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.


Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong. Mom, Dad at their wedding in Hong Kong.

Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong. Mom, aunt in Cheongsam in Hong Kong.

SDCC: I’m Twelve!

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep well. In fact, I don’t think I actually got any sleep. Then it was 5am and time to leave for the airport.

As Sylvia Moon and I waited for our flight at Edmonton International Airport, we sat in this bizarre moulded chair area. It was very plastic. And very brown. We didn’t get enough sleep. So brown Sylvia said it looked like poop. We reverted to being twelve year olds again, nicked-named the area “Poopland” and proceeded to make several Vine videos. If you don’t know Vine, it’s a social network created by Twitter which are six second videos that can loop.

Our flight was delayed. I was overtired. I was pretty loopy! I decided to do an interpretive dance in Poopland.

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Lightning Monster

Lately, Alberta has been hit by an unusual amount of wicked storms. This storm was actually close to me! The lightning was rippling through the clouds making me wish I had a video camera. What an absolutely stunning evening!

This bolt was cool to watch, as two smaller bolts merged to make the mega bolt that struck the ground. I am particularity partial to the two lightning eyes above the main chain, making a face!

Lighting merge into a mega bolt newar Vegreville, AB

The Passing Resemblance is Almost Non-existant!

I couldn’t help but notice a minor similarity between Team Canada’s 2012 Olympic uniforms and the costume Sylvia help me make for the Edmonton Pride Parade:

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RIP Darren Zenko

Darren Zenko passed away today at the age of 38 from sinus cancer. Most people know him best as video game reviewer for Vue Magazine, See Magazine, Edmonton Journal, or the Toronto Star. He also had a radio show on CJSR. My younger friends know him as a guy that “do voice overs in of the biggest video game series of all time” (Mass Effect).

Image © Lone Pine Publishing

For me, though, I’ve known him as a classmate, a friend, and much, much more. In high school, we hung out in the art room. He was my first life drawing model. Later on, I ran into him again at a Halloween party where he was dressed as John Constatine. He even bleached his hair blonde to fit the part! Damn, he looked great! After that we watched martial arts movies, played video games (he even gave me a few of his review copies), and just chilled out. Eventually we drifted.

It’s funny. I’ve been down the path of life lost more often than someone my age should. I’ve lost so many people close to me, including my father and my childhood best friend, but I’m taking the death of Darren Zenko pretty damn hard. He meant more to me than I realized.

The Edmonton Journal had a touching article of how his friends pulled together and made him an amazing quilt. The love they poured into it is beyond words. The article also mentions how a comic based on one of his stories is being made. I’ve already had a few people ask me how to get a copy of the comic. I promise, I will look into it. If you’re interested in buying an issue, please email me. Thanks so much.

Darren, thank you for our time together. You’ll always be my John Constantine.

Ms. Marvelous

It started with a conversation at Ikea over $1 ice cream. I wanted to go to the Edmonton pride parade as a super-hero, but I didn’t know what to do. Sylvia started to play with the name Marvel. Northstar is getting married to his partner Kyle. “They’re Marvelous!” Then the ears started turning and Sylvia and I got to work!

(By the way, the wedding issue, Astonishing X-Men #51, goes on sale today!)*

Sylvia started making the bodysuit. You can see her making the logo on her blog.

Then a little shopping at West Edmonton Mall, some make-up by Mac Cosmetics and voila!


Ms. Marvelous!

Photos by Samuel Chan, Sylvia Moon, and Maija Plamondon.

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting other photos form Edmonton Pride Week soon!

*Edit: The wedding is in Astonishing X-Men #51. I originally said #50. Thanks to Jay from Happy Harbor Comics for the correction. BTW, that’s his store in the photos with the award winning kids comics section. :)